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About the Fresno Dante Club

The Dante Club of Fresno was established in 1932 and is one of the most unique social clubs in the Central Valley. The Dante Club boasts one of the largest membership of Italian Americans in and around the Fresno area.

One of the memberships requirement to join the Dante Club is that the member’s father is of Italian descent which makes the Dante Club a true all Italian American Club.

In 1987 the membership purchased a six acre parcel on Grantland Ave with a vision to build a modern, first class event hall for its members and the general public. In 1995 that vision became reality.

Today the Dante Club's modern hall and facilities have become a Fresno favorite for all events were hall users can have a choice of their caterers and party givers of all kinds. This gives users of the hall the opportunity to have an event in their preferred style as to food and surroundings.

The Dante Club and its membership is best known for excellent food on social nights. The social dinners are centered around members and their invited guests. The monthly events consist of the very finest of authentic Italian dishes and are home cooked specially by club members in a family style manner that is second to none.

The Dante Club is host and supporter of many great fund raising events yearly at its facility. These consist of Special Olympics bocce ball tournament, the Rata Prom, and the Nazareth House dinner. The Club also provides Central Unified School District with use of its facilities, and sponsors scholarships at high schools throughout the valley.

The Dante Club of Fresno, preserving the Italian heritage since 1932, welcomes all Italian American citizens to join one of Fresno’s greatest social clubs


Dante Club of Fresno
6167 N. Grantland
Fresno, Ca. 93723


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